Siemens PCS7

When you say Prospact, you say PCS7. We have seen the system grow over the past fifteen years into a powerful modular system that can be used for all kinds of processes. We even have experience linking PCS7 to AGVs. PCS7 then provides the interface to self-propelled robots that move pallets in warehouses.

With our extensive knowledge, we are widely deployable. For example, in an advisory role, even before the start of a project. PCS7 stands for Process Control System and provides full integration of level 0, level 1 and level 2. In addition, the link with level 3 is possible and any MES system can be communicated with PCS7. This is reflected by lower development costs and better maintainability of the system. Consider the rollout of updates.


We are also asked to assess systems, for example when there are regular malfunctions in the process that are software or hardware related. Or in the case of a migration, an inventory must first be made. We advise on the basis of Siemens' requirements for PCS7, and our experience certainly counts.



We are also active during pre-engineering. What we find is that pre-engineering is incredibly important. You don't want to adjust a design in the middle of a project because wrong choices were made at the beginning. We distinguish ourselves from other integrators by not just assuming what is handed to us during pre-engineering, but by actually assessing the information.

Contact moments

During the development of the software, we provide contact moments. One very important contact is the operator. This is the person who has to work with the system. Therefore, we think it is important that the operator is informed. Think about setting up the operating philosophy - how is the process controlled? - and the use of colors and symbols on the process pictures. We see that an operator is often forgotten and does not see the system until commissioning. In addition to contact moments, we also provide training so that operators operate the system with confidence.


Finally, we are also closely involved in aftercare. When working with the system, questions arise. We support as fully as possible. We are there to answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise. Our people are always on stand-by to intervene quickly in case of problems. Our goal is to ensure that the process suffers as little disruption as possible.

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The goal of our services is to take care of your safe and full-continuous production process.
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