Operating philosophy

By operating philosophy, we as process translators basically mean the
'non-operating philosophy'. Our engineers design the automation from our internal validation for usability and unambiguity. Less is better!


For this reason, we always develop our systems in consultation with your operating personnel. During the development process, we involve them in the progress. We are open to your experience staff’s suggestions, as this serves the ultimate goal.

We apply the ‘five times why principle’, to all actions/operations referred to as ‘operation’ by your operators. The existing operations or interventions by the operators have been introduced during the use of the existing process automation system. Frequently the term ‘that’s the way we operate’ is used by the operators. More questions often reveal that the abnormal issues in the process are operations, such as blocking a tank or putting a unit into service. A deviating situation arises when a process is aborted.



Tanks cleaned automatically, processes that automatically start when the source tank is filled up, released and started for production. The process benefits from as few interruptions as possible. The user only needs to intervene in case of alarmed anomalies. This process benefits from the operators’ confidence in the operating philosophy. The process determines when the operator has to intervene. A substantial break from “old” patterns, where the process was determined by the operator.

By automating the process according to our operating philosophy, the operator can concentrate on ensuring the quality of the final product. Think of ensuring sufficient auxiliary raw materials, performing field checks or performing scheduled maintenance. Actions aimed at continuity of the process. Exactly like our implementation of automation. 

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