When you say Prospact, you obviously say Process Translators, with AVEVA software we translate your process into digital work processes, Power BI dashboards and ERP integrations. In recent years we have seen the AVEVA portfolio grow into a modular, scalable system that can be used for all level 3 applications.  Production control, material and resource management, ERP integration, reporting everything we perform with standard AVEVA modules. We have experience in linking factory processes and packaging lines via AVEVA to ERP systems, both backwards and forwards. For us, AVEVA is the solution for linking your Level 4, ERP system to all your Level 2 factory processes. By integrating these modules on OMI visualization clients, we also offer you intuitive and interactive visualizations.

Recipe Manager

With the standard AVEVA recipe manager, we secure your recipes and provide reports on who dosed what and who adjusted what. In this way you secure your quality and we offer insight into what actually happened.  


With our AVEVA solutions for: planning, order processing, inventory/resource management and quality control, we also introduce a new digital way of working.  Here we can also assist you in an advisory role, even before the start of a project, or during the implementation. We help you not only with the integration of the systems but also with the acceptance of the new way of working.



We are also asked to migrate systems; for example, when the latest versions of AVEVA must be installed in a running plant because of security issues. We do not shy away from this and therefore have extensive experience with live migrations and ensure a transition to the latest version(s) that is as short as possible or completely bumpless.

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