'What was promised has been delivered'

September 29, 2022

Florus Wevers

Florus Wevers started as Lead Software Engineer at Prospact on the 1st of April 2022. Now, six months later, we take stock. How do you like the position and how do you like being a ‘process translator’?

Florus immediately goes on: "What appealed to me about working at Prospact was the challenge and versatility: supervising automation processes from A to Z. So not a piece or half a job, but really experiencing the whole process. And I can say that I have already had the opportunity to experience all facets, so that's great!"


So what does that process look like? Florus explains: "As soon as an application comes in, it starts. The application is processed and we make an appointment with the client. Once we have a picture of all the requirements, we draw up an offer. Once approved by the client, we describe what needs to be done functionally. We call this an FDS: Functional Design Specification. The client has to approve this too."


Florus continues, "Once we have an agreement on the FDS, only then does programming start. In this part of the process, testing is very important. Does the code work as described? That is why we first test everything at Prospact, with a so-called IHT: In-House Test. When everything works as it should, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) follows. The client is present during this test and we test whether the software does what it is supposed to. Always an exciting moment!”


"If the test results are satisfactory, we can move on to implementation," Florus says. "The software has to be implemented and then commissioning follows. This may be followed by further optimisation, this is occasionally the case. The final step is delivery. Here, all (test) documents and software are delivered to the client." Florus stresses, "Ultimately, the goal is always to produce more efficiently!"

Always helpful

Florus has only been on the road for six months, but can already say a lot about the atmosphere at Prospact. "If I have a question, I can always ask it. There is no threshold to cross anywhere and everyone is very approachable. The answer then follows quickly. Or they put you in touch with someone who knows the answer. Sometimes you can even call them on holiday! It is a flat, flexible and dynamic organisation. We work together to get the job done!"


"My ambition at Prospact? That is mainly to continue what I am doing as Lead Software Engineer," Florus says. “In my first six months I’ve mainly done some smaller projects. I think It would be nice to lead larger projects with even more depth, but I know these projects are coming up. I see myself working at Process Translators for a long time to come!”

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