Prospact in Buitengewoon Nederland

March 23, 2023

Extraordinary Netherlands Prospact

Last time we told you on social media that Prospact Industrial Automation will be featured on Dutch television in the program Buitengewoon Nederland on RTL4. Did you miss it? Then here is your chance to watch the item about Prospact again! Bastiaan van Eck shows in an understandable way what we do as process translators at Prospact.

In the program Buitengewoon Nederland, entrepreneurs can show what all there is to experience in our country in terms of culture, products and knowledge. The episodes are presented by Arlette Adriani. With all these different companies and topics, it forms a nice source of inspiration for entrepreneurial Holland, where Prospact certainly fits in with innovative solutions in automation.

From abstract to understandable

We understand that not every business owner or employee immediately understands what a process translator or automation process entails. That's why this video is also a great first introduction to our company! We take you through our way of working and what we can do for a plant. Part of our philosophy is that we include every employee in this process and keep a close eye on whether everything is clear. Ultimately, they must be able to work with the new automation! Both managers and operators must be able to understand what the process does and how to interpret the data and use it to make adjustments for an optimal production process. Therefore, we make the automation process as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Information need

The greatest benefit of our automation systems is getting information and being able to anticipate it quickly. We start from the customer's question and then start looking at what solutions are possible. In the video you can also see an infographic of an organization consisting of multiple layers. View that image on your own screen here. Bastiaan takes you through and explains what each layer means. Of course, it becomes clearest when Prospact specifically applies this process to your production process. Contact us and discover all the benefits of a customized automation process for your business.

The entire episode of Buitengewoon Nederland will also be repeated on Saturday, March 25 at 13:00 on RTL4 or watch our item down below.

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