'The process translators' is right!

April 1, 2022

Fodder for silly jokes, but it's really true: Florus Wevers starts in his position as Lead Software Engineer at Prospact on Friday, April 1. He is looking forward to supervising automation processes from 'A to Z'. In this blog he explains what appeals to him in the approach of 'the process translators'.

Based on the customer's request, we will build or update his process automation. In consultation, we determine what adjustments need to be made, what the wishes for control are and what techniques are needed to realize that goal.

Setting up automation

My job is to set up the automation. I draw up the specifications and take the lead in the project, both internally and externally. That means a lot of contact with the customer and working closely with the project team. What is the operating philosophy? What controls do we apply and how do we program it? Based on our expertise, we indicate what we have in mind. I then check with the customer whether our ideas match his wishes, daily practice and look & feel.

Engineering process

I look forward to the versatility and challenge of guiding the process from 'A to Z'. Involving the customer in the engineering process, implementing the operating system and linking hardware and software. In this way, we control the fittings in the process installation and thus make the customer's process control work. My work at Prospact will be an amalgamation of my experiences, although I have also supervised complete processes.

Dynamic and flexible

My move to Prospact is a trade-off. My need for a flat, dynamic and flexible organization, on the other hand my contacts with Bastiaan: the automation world is not that big. Once we started talking, Bastiaan and Joey acted decisively. Their answers were clear, their vision appealed to me, and they showed genuine interest in my personality. They really showed me that they liked me as a colleague!

With, by and for

Prospact is a growing company, with short lines of communication and open doors. We are expected to take responsibility ourselves and therefore there is a lot of room for freedom. The team spirit is very important here and that appeals to me a lot. Although I obviously have tofind my feet, I am convinced that it is precisely because of this team spirit that I will succeed in 'translating the process'!


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