'The employee on one motivates'

August 29, 2022 

Vince van der Velde - blog

Vince van der Velde is 25 years old. He has occupied a unique position at Prospact since July. Surrounded by software engineers, Vince is precisely responsible for the visual part of our services. In this blog he explains his perfectionism in creating digital drawings!

As a Scada draughtsman, I design clear dashboards. The operators in the plant use the screens I design to control the software our engineers create. In other words, I draw the buttons on the interface where an operator initiates the process, or the indicators on which progress can be followed.

Visualizing information clearly

At my previous employer, I began to delve deeper and deeper into digital design. I already knew Bastiaan van Eck. We had talked about it in the past and eventually I asked him if it was possible to work at Prospact. Previously, Prospact hired an external draftsman for this work, or the software engineers picked up smaller jobs themselves. Now that I am responsible for visualizing the process, Prospact's services have become more complete. Our clients benefit from this!


Designing is subject to many rules. For example, when I draw pipes, the product running through the pipe must conform to a standard color. Different clients also have different requirements, so I actually always deliver custom work. I consult a lot with operators and respond to their wishes: what I draw, they have to operate for years! In that respect, I am happy with the rules I have to follow. I myself am very rule-bound and perfectionist. I strive for a consistently high level!

Helpful and personal

Although I haven't worked here for very long, I am having a great time! Some colleagues I already knew and everyone is very helpful. I think the strength of Prospact is that the employees are all on one line. That creates a good atmosphere. It motivates me to feel at ease. The relaxed atmosphere comes out well during lunch, for example: we eat together and everyone takes an interest in each other, also on a personal level.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

As for personal interests: they tie in quite well with my work! For example, I paint miniature figures: this is creative fun work, using a magnifying glass and very small brushes. In addition, tattoos also fascinate me. I have three now, one of which is of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, my favorite band. And I still have many ideas for tattoos, which I want to work out for myself first.


My ambitions align with Prospact's ambitions. I would like to learn more about my field: in my first week I already had the opportunity to take a course. By taking profession-specific courses, about drawing and programming, we as Prospact can only serve our clients better in the future, also in the visual field!

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