Sponsor Prospact related to RKC Waalwijk

February 22, 2024

Prospact RKC Waalwijk

It is known that the process translators are passionate football supporters. Now we have given that affinity a concrete follow-up: we have become a sponsor and business club member of the premier league club RKC Waalwijk!

Although the preferences within our team differ from Ajax to Feijenoord and PSV, among others, our choice for RKC Waalwijk is very conscious.


Bastiaan van Eck: “We were put on the track by fellow villager Patrick Vroegh. He is a midfielder at the club from Waalwijk, the closest Premier League club to Prospact. In addition, RKC Waalwijk is exactly what Prospact stands for. It is a friendly, sociable Brabant club that achieves great results as a team!”

Click and trust

Bastiaan and Joey contacted Rianne Haegens, account manager at RKC Waalwijk. “During the first introductory meeting, there was an immediate click and mutual trust. This resulted in a premium spot in the Mandemakers Stadium on the Business Stand and permanent boarding on the field. We are very proud to welcome Prospact as a partner!”

Fixed boarding

The sponsorship agreement between Prospact and RKC Waalwijk applies to the current and next season. Prospact has made a commercial commitment to the club and is visible with permanent boarding right behind the goal and present in the Business Stand at every home match. As a sponsor they are automatically members of the business club.

Friendly and driven

Completely in Prospact style, the agreement was quickly concluded. Rianne: “RKC Waalwijk is known as a family-oriented, driven club with Brabant conviviality. That is exactly how both Bastiaan and Joey live and work within Prospact. Friendly, driven with passion in everything they do. They are warm and approachable people. Family-friendly, but goal-oriented.”

Related to RKC

Bastiaan: “Despite the current position in the competition, our choice to support the club next season was made very consciously. As fanatical football followers, in combination with our Brabant roots and as a close-knit team, we feel very close to RKC Waalwijk.”

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