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January 12, 2023

prospects van Prospact

The process translators' outlook automatically harkens back to ongoing projects from 2022. Where is Prospact in schematic terms, and what step do they want to take in the development of their services in 2023? Bastiaan van Eck looks back and ahead.

"It is a very busy period," Bastiaan quips. "We are working hard on the final phase of a major project: in the first quarter, we will put the automation for the largest lactoferrin factory in the world into operation! We are also working on a new assignment in Vuren, another big job. There we are focusing on improving outdated processes."


He continues: "That has to do with manageability and with migrating to the latest version of the Siemens PCS7 software. In practice, we regularly see that companies 'once started' with factory automation. With updates, you can secure processes. It is important to keep software up-to-date. After more than five years of not updating, you run an operational risk!"

ISA95 model

Bastiaan: "But with the completion of these projects in sight, it is also time to 'show ourselves again' to the outside world! Viewed from the ISA95 model, we fully master layers one and two. We can provide process control, process direction and control completely. We are now focusing mainly on the third layer. Our goal as a registered AVEVA partner is to become a certified partner. Then we will take another step in the digitization of work processes: from office automation to factory automation." AVEVA makes industrial software. Open, scalable, user-friendly, secure and versatile software that allows processes to be connected, controlled, analyzed and optimized.

Of added value

"I find that we as process translators add value to the digitization of companies and processes," says Bastiaan. "We ensure that real-time data is delivered per discipline. We still see multinationals where e-mails are delivered to operators in paper format. When we engage with such a party, we ask the question 'what do you need to make decisions, and for your reporting?' What is the current status, and this is the solution we propose!"

Participation is added value

Bastiaan: "I think that is also our added value. We want to discuss processes. We train people internally who have mastered that, and we emphasize it in vacancies: we require more strategic insight than technical knowledge. That requires different candidates, but they prove difficult to find. Working with our new partner DWG, one option is to use their recruiter. It is best to know candidates in the market yourself.

Recruitment from colleges unfortunately leaves much to be desired. We have been in talks with Avans University of Applied Sciences since 2022. In that context, Avans students also carried out an assignment for us last year. In addition, in 2022 we also gave a presentation at the elementary school regarding the children's book week theme 'become what you want'. We hope this will contribute to new recruits in engineering. A sector with a job guarantee!"


"Through our partnership with DWG and CMS, we are able to offer a total package." Bastiaan continues: "Whereas we in the Southeast concentrate on process automation for the food sector, DWG is a more nationwide system integrator and CMS focuses mainly on aftercare. The sectors they mainly work in include infra, energy companies and oil & gas. By joining forces with DWG and CMS, we aim to increase our market share now that we are the largest system integrator in dairy and food. Conversely, DWG now has a food partner in the south."


Bastiaan: "Looking back, I am very proud of our work for the largest lactoferrin plant in the world! As a system integrator, we brought together about ten suppliers with our software. The client is proud and we are involved in a beautiful export product from the Dutch market. And on another level: last year, three employees became fathers! Moreover, we had our first team outing abroad, in the Belgian Ardennes. I am proud of a very nice team: different people, who complement each other well!"

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