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December 15, 2022

Prospact partnerschap DWG

"A partnership should always deliver something: one and one should be more than two!" Richard van der Windt of DWG describes the opportunities offered by DWG's partnership with Prospact!

Although the companies' fields of activity have a lot of overlap, there are certainly also many points where they complement each other.

Same service, different sectors

Richard: "Prospact is mainly involved in process automation for the food sector. DWG too, but considerably less. On the other hand, we work for other sectors, such as infra, energy companies and oil & gas. Prospact operates a lot in Brabant and in the East of the country: we work more in the West and in the North."

DNA & trust

In any case, what is a big similarity between DWG and Prospact is their 'DNA'. Richard: "We have known each other for a long time. We have the same mentality and there is trust. The personal connection was there before the business relationship. The perspective is also clear for both of us. We want to expand our capabilities in the food sector. And we want to get more of a foothold in the Southeast Netherlands. For Prospact, it is nice to have a larger partner at its side, so that it can also offer its customers a total package from now on."

Rotterdam roots

DWG is originally a Rotterdam-based company, with around one hundred and twenty employees. DWG emerged from Imtech and they now have offices in Zaandam and Den Bosch, in addition to the office in Schiedam. Like Prospact, the automation systems supplied are mostly based on PCS7 from Siemens.

Food industry integrator

Prospact combines PCS7 expertise with extensive experience in multidisciplinary projects in the food industry, in accordance with ISA88 standards. Prospact is also a specialist in the Siemens TIA portal with Aveva above it as an operational layer. Prospact is a pragmatic organisation that can switch quickly. From a passion for technology, processes are translated by clients. The combination not only results in the best PCS7 integrator for the food industry, but now also the largest. The cooperation also promotes broader after-care, optimisations and processing for clients!

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