'Realizing our customer's wishes by mutual agreement'

March 18, 2021

Martijn Bindels is 34 years old and works with us as Team Lead Consultancy since March 1, 2021. He has extensive experience as an engineer. In this blog he talks about why he chose Prospact.

"As lead engineer I work together with my colleagues on projects, for which we design and write software. For example, we are currently working for Friesland Campina in Veghel on the process automation for the largest Lactoferrin plant in the world! Quite a challenging project: by applying state-of-the-art technology, the capacity will be increased by sixty tons to a total capacity of seventy tons per year."

Red Thread

I have been doing this work since 2007. Bastiaan, the founder of Prospact, was one of my graduation supervisors. He runs like a red thread through my career; he also always said that we would become colleagues someday. We ended up keeping in touch for a reason!"


There are a number of reasons why I chose to work for Prospact. I had been walking around for some time with the feeling that I was ready for a different work environment. In addition, Prospact works on challenging projects. The focus is on Siemens PCS7: by working with a limited number of systems, we really go into depth. It's more substantive and therefore we specialize more than we differentiate."


Here at Prospact there is a very strong desire to be the best as a team. Relatively speaking, we work with young colleagues. We all have the same goal and we lift each other to a higher level. As process translators, we mainly work together with our clients. In proper consultation, we get from design to a working installation."


The fact that I have just become a father also plays a role in my choice of Prospact. This is because there is a really nice atmosphere here, where everyone pays attention to and is interested in each other. We work hard, but the social aspect is never far away. For example, we always have lunch together here. That is the strength of a small team: there is a lot of commitment, the idea that we have to do it together lives very strongly here!"

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