New lead software engineer Niek Hesselmans

May 2, 2024

Prospact- Niek Hesselmans

We proudly introduce Niek Hesselmans. Niek has been part of the process translators team since March. As our new Lead Software Engineer, he will oversee various projects. In this interview, he shares his experiences and vision.

Niek specializes in PCS7, the integrated control system from Siemens.

Fill in & possibilities

Niek: "I have known Bastiaan van Eck for nine years and it was time to have a good conversation. I felt it was time for a new challenge, closer to home. Our conversation was immediately positive, both about the role and the opportunities within Prospact. The team is incredibly open and helpful: they have given me a warm welcome."


Niek's background lies in the world of industrial automation, where he has gained over eight years of experience. "Especially within various tank terminals in the Botlek area which are controlled through PCS7. I started as a junior and worked my way up to senior and then lead engineer. Bastiaan and I have learned the work of the same people!"


"Currently, I am working independently on a project for Darling Ingredients," says Niek. "This project focuses on improvements and optimization within one of their factories. The goal is to manage the project effectively and gain the trust of the client. In addition to developing my skills in PCS7, I am also exploring other software packages like Aveva. It's a fun challenge!"

Open culture

Niek: "The open culture and the fact that everyone is always ready for a chat really appeal to me, here at Prospact. It feels like a big family, with our shared lunches in particular contributing to the good atmosphere. Prospact feels like coming home to me, especially because of the Brabant coziness."

Sharing knowledge

Niek has the freedom to fulfill his role as best as possible, with the aim of being able to carry out challenging projects from start to finish together with a close-knit team. 'That freedom and the smaller-scale nature of Prospact, where openness is central, are aspects that I value highly. My ambition is to contribute optimally to that.'

Winter sports

Niek: "I have a partner, love fitness and enjoy meeting up with friends regularly. I am also a passionate winter sports enthusiast: my love for the Austrian slopes and apr├Ęs-ski is great!"


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