Michiel Sanders: added value factor two

Oktober 20, 2022

Prospact’s  services have added value! With the appointment of our commissioning engineer Michiel Sanders, we are able to carry out the complete start-up of a plant independently. In addition, Michiel can provide objective assistance on the customer’s side to validate the installers.

Michiel: "As a concrete example, I am currently co-responsible in a plant start-up project. Water rinsing and tank filling are in full swing. After testing the hardware, we are now starting up the process in the factory.

Initiating process

"This phase is indeed new in Prospact's services," Michiel explains. "It is the transition from software to hardware - from theory to practice. To getting a process up and running. During the start-up of such a production process, you encounter many challenges. Many unforeseen circumstances occur: the process reacts differently than expected, the hardware seems to work differently than expected."

To a working installation

Michiel: “I keep myself occupied with all of the components integrated in the process. From valves and flowmeters all the way to controlled pumps. This varies between the process as a whole to the fine details. We go from ‘nothing’ to a working installation. My function is common in our industry but I am the first in my field to ever work at Prospact.”

Ambition on the process side

“The contact with Prospact came about when we were working on a large project for the same client. Bastiaan van Eck and I are former colleagues and we got talking. At my previous employer I was also heavily involved in commissioning processes. But as a service technician there, I also had a lot to do with breakdown services. My ambition is clearly on the process side: I want to go deeper into matter. I found the challenge I was looking for in that in my discussions with Bastiaan.”

Small-scale & short lines

Michiel: "What also appeals to me in Prospact is the size of the company. It is a small-scale, flat organisation, the lines are short and colleagues are always ready when you need advice or help! I have been employed for a fortnight now and have really only worked on site, But I also know that having lunch together at Prospact is very well known."

Profibus and profinet engineer

"Besides my work as a commissioning engineer," says Michiel, "I am also of added value to Prospact as a certified profibus and profinet engineer. It means we can now relieve clients when they experience plc-related network problems! Given the global supply problems, it will take some doing, but we are in the process of acquiring the necessary tools."

Weekend plans
Michiel, concluding: "I really like being a 'process translator', so far. As I said: the lines are short and I have actually already worked with all my colleagues. Being from Son en Breugel, in that sense too, I feel completely at home at Prospact in Boxtel. Moreover, the elimination of breakdown services means I can once again focus on making plans for the weekends!"

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