Looking back: another quarter of processes translated

July 28, 2021

Our second quarter in 2021 was also marked by progress! Announced new features in PCS 7, an online training on the commissioning of a weighing module and anniversaries to celebrate!

Presentation Siemens

During our quarterly meeting, Mario Willaert, Product Manager at Siemens Netherlands gave a presentation.

It promises to be a good year, including the release of PCS 7 V9.1. Mario talked about the new features of PCS 7 V9.1 and the available libraries. For the new Lactoferrin plant at Friesland Campina, which we are currently working on, we are using SIMATIC BATCH, Route Control, Industry Library, Process Historian and Information Server. With PCS 7 V9.1, this will be a perfect fit! Want to know more and are curious why we are positive about PCS 7 V9.1, read the blog 'New release of Siemens PCS 7 (V9.1) makes your process plant safer

Siwarex online training

We recently automated a bagging line for one of our clients. Part of this was the implementation of a Siwarex weighing module. The weighing module is connected to an ET200 SP head station that communicates with PCS 7. We used the Siwarex APL library, which is optionally available for PCS 7. The library provides standard block icons and faceplates that can be used to read and even calibrate the module. Because the library is APL-based, we wasted no time figuring out how everything works.   

Prior to implementation, we attended online training from Siemens on how to connect, configure and commission the weighing module. As process translators, we like to come in toour customers well prepared. The automation of the bagging line went very smoothly in the end!


Teun has been part of our team for one year already. On April 1, we therefore celebrated his one-year anniversary! In the past year he has been involved in the development of several new tools: in the area of reducing and understanding alarms, and building Process Historian. 

A month later, on May 1, there was cause for celebration again. Yannick has also been with us for another year! He has been working on several projects over the past year, including the AGV project.

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