The importance of level 3 of the ISA95 model

March 2, 2023

from shop floor to management

Bastiaan van Eck indicated in his 'look ahead to 2023': this year, we are focusing entirely on mastering level 3 of the ISA95 model. That model is the guiding principle for us in the step-by-step increasingly detailed translation of automation processes.

In this blog, Bastiaan eleborates on the importance of level 3.

From shop floor to management

By moving to level 3, we are even better able to translate processes from shop floor to management. With the proper translation of level 3, we help our customers respond faster to, for instance, changes in the market, insight into costs compared to production and better assurance. Moreover, a well-designed level 3 is the basis for further digitalisation within production companies on workflows.

Level 3 in practice

Level 3 in practice means that order-driven processes start automatically. Moreover, the data provides useful information. Good and complete information - beforehand, afterwards and in real-time - ensures that every discipline has the same information, offered in the content that is important to them. Think of quality, planning, production, sales, maintenance, technology and management. As a result, there is no possibility of interpretation or communication dependency. Information is also offered automatically. Human dependence is thus removed.

Proven specialists

Our goal as a registered AVEVA partner is to become a certified partner. To become certified, three of our engineers enter the certification process. Specifically, this means they will attend update training courses on the Aveva software and then pass an exam. This makes us demonstrable and, from Aveva's point of view, actual specialists.

The challenges of level 3

The challenge is to get people on board. When introducing level 3 systems, you are going to digitise existing business operations. This change often puts people off. Here, we try to emphasise that it ensures that the focus is back on your own work, and that the system ensures that fewer mistakes are made. Communicating that conviction is often the hardest part: that is why we are the process translators!

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