Future-proof cooperation with Kraft Heinz

January 1, 2024

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As project manager at Kraft Heinz, Jeroen van de Kuilen plays a central role in their cooperation with Prospact. The acquaintance came about through joint partner Link Intelligence. This party was already involved in projects at the Elst site in the field of digitalization and Scada upgrades.

Jeroen: "The people at Link Intelligence tipped us to contact Prospact."

Many challenges, broad demand

"Our question to Prospact was initially very broad," explains Jeroen. "We were faced with the challenge of building a new OT network with a data center that drives our production and processes and also forms a Cyber Secure platform. How do we build that? Are the systems right? Do we meet customer demand and is it future-proof?"

Examining data needs

Jeroen: "Prospact helped us tremendously. They held many sessions with us per department - maintenance, logistics, production, quality - to examine what data is used and what data is needed. The results were sometimes surprising and exposed all the information that was missing for daily work."

Presenting in the right context

Prospact's contribution goes beyond determining data needs. Jeroen: "Prospact's strength lies, on the one hand, in creating overviews and asking the right questions. As a result, we can now make plans, based on the insights from the sessions. But they do more than just collecting data: they present it to the right person, in the right context."

Essential contribution to seamless linking 

"They have been actively involved in setting up the basis for our AVEVA system platform and SCADA," he cites as one example. "In combination with recipe management and operational reports, to support the daily activities of our organization. This project is crucial for us and Prospact made a substantial contribution to seamlessly linking the necessary systems."

Talking about next steps

Jeroen: "After the successful transition period over Christmas, during which we disconnected the old system and connected the new system, we are now in talks about follow-up steps. These include dashboarding, blade links and workflow integration to fulfill our wishes in terms of a digital working environment and quality assurance."

Clear and proactive communication

"I also find the cooperation with Prospact on a personal level very pleasant. The introduction was casual and non-committal: the 'meter only started running' once the project had started. You sometimes hear different stories about that! The way they communicate is clear and proactive. The cooperation is practical and efficient. It's a positive experience, partly because we know who to approach for specific questions or problems."

Short lines of communication

Jeroen, in conclusion, "The continuation of our cooperation is also fixed as far as I am concerned. The planning already runs until 2028-2029. Prospact is not a mega-sized company, so the lines of communication are short and I like that. It suits us!"

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