'Combination of course and networking'

October 12, 2023

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Martijn Bindels and Yannick Luitjens recently participated in the AVEVA Deep Dive at the Van der Valk Hotel in Gorinchem. As the name suggests, they delved further into AVEVA's products, solutions and developments. Moreover, it was also a successful meeting in social terms!

Literal deepening

Our Team Lead Consultancy and Software Engineer tried to divide their attention between the various topics. Martijn: "The Deep Dive was organized by AVEVA select Benelux. Normally we receive training for a certain software product. During the Deep Dive, the technical specialists of AVEVA discuss with the participants technical problems and solutions you encounter during a project. What's behind that? It is literally a knowledge sharing of experienced engineers in the field of AVEVA software.

Focus on AVEVA

Martijn: "At Prospact, we explicitly focused on AVEVA. Together with Yannick and also Florus Wevers, I focus on that. That is why such a Deep Dive is a very good opportunity to gather information, but also to exchange experiences with fellow users. That way we learn more about deeper functionalities. The meetings are certainly also interactive. AVEVA deals with technical topics, but we are just as much in a position to ask questions or discuss a topic."

Gathering Information

The Deep Dive lasts for two days. "There is an agenda and participants can choose from different sessions," Martijn explains. "We are not forced to follow everything; the setup consists of a kind of 'class schedule.' That's why we try to split up sometimes, to attend as many sessions as possible. During the sessions, the very enthusiastic staff prefer to cover a practical topic. 'Time' still sometimes wants to be an impeding factor in this."

System Platform

The Deep Dive was attended by about fifty participants. Roughly three topics are covered during the sessions. The solid core consists of System Platform, MES and Plant SCADA. Martijn: "As an integrator between our customer and AVEVA, we mainly work with the System Platform, so we attended those sessions in particular." After the sessions, plenty of opportunity to exchange experiences was taken. "We are technicians among ourselves: it is very interesting to hear what others are running into or coming up with solutions for. And besides that, it's also just very sociable: a combination of course and networking!"

"We thought it was a very successful event and in the coming period we will transfer this new knowledge to our colleagues and deploy it to our customers. Also, we are already looking forward to the next edition!"

Private and corporate sponsorships

By using Siemens products such as the simulation platform SIMIT, we can simulate the process. This can be done at device level, such as valves or motors where, for example, feedback is then automatically simulated. It can also be applied at process level, where process models can be integrated. For instance, opening a valve triggers a flow. The flow depends on a number of physical properties that can be entered in the models.

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