'Flexible and dynamic'

August 10, 2023

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Last year, 21-year-old Mick Lems worked on an assignment for Prospact as a third-year electrical engineering student at the Academy for Industry and Informatics at Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch. Now he has graduated and has been working for us as a Junior Engineer PCS7 since August 1.

Following that assignment, Mick already expressed his preference for small-scale, young companies, with an open atmosphere.

Minor at large company

Mick: "I did my minor in Budapest, where I was able to do a lot outside of classes. On my father's insistence, I actually did my graduation from February to June at a large company. That was interesting, but it also confirmed my sense of what I was already getting at Prospact. Prospact kept in touch with me. They were very satisfied with the result of the assignment my fellow student David and I had carried out." That contact culminated in a contract!

Mastering PCS7

"With Joey and Bastiaan I agreed that I will fully master PCS7 as a junior engineer. I will do this under the guidance of Sandor, to whom I can turn with all my questions." Tuesday was his first day of work. He doesn't need a mentor because he already knows the company. "That's nice: I now focus entirely on continuing education and courses. PCS7 is quite a big package. Right now I'm taking a PCS neo course and later a PCS7 course."

Designing, implementing & testing

Once Mick knows the ways in PCS7, he gets roped into projects. "Together with mediors and seniors, I take on large projects, where in the early stages I mainly implement software, whose designs have been provided by colleagues. Then the extensive testing of those packages. To finally commission them on site."

Broadly applicable

Starting generally and specializing later: "In a small company, you have to be broadly employable anyway!" Mick's first ambition is to become a medior. "That's the next level and on average that takes two years. Next year I want to have worked on a number of projects and mastered PCS7. There are plenty of challenges ahead!"

Cycling, gaming and Formula 1

Before Mick started his working life, he was able to go on vacation for a few days after graduation. "With friends - and roommates - I went to central France. That was great for relaxation and fit everyone's schedule!" Mick lives in Den Bosch in a "friends' house. "That's an advantageous living situation! In my free time I get on my road bike or mountain bike, game and follow Formula 1. On Friday nights I like to drink a beer with my friends!"

Consequence of school assignment

Mick is at work in eleven minutes with a company car. And with great pleasure! "It is a concrete consequence of my school assignment that I now work at Prospact. I think the great strength is the flexibility: Joey and Bastiaan are very approachable. Within the company one level applies and the mutual atmosphere is very nice!"

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