Connecting data sources for sustainable performance improvements

August 11, 2022

Making ends meet: the production process in your factory or organization brings together many different data sources. By combining these sources and providing them with production context, you are able to optimize the process. Six engineers from Prospact have recently followed a BI gateway training at AVEVA Select Benelux. This enables us to convert 'big data' into information that allows you to make better decisions.

AVEVA's Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) software connects multiple plant and enterprise data sources. Using this software and training, our engineers are able to reveal how disparate industrial activities affect each other. These insights and connections lead to productivity improvements, quality improvements, asset utilization and energy reduction for our customers. In short, we ensure you have access to information you need for sustainable performance improvements.

Big data modeling

Connecting data from across the plant reveals "invisible" relationships. Our engineers are able to model big data into manageable chunks. This increases visibility and improves your ability to compare relevant information and strategically understand your production data. Ultimately, a dashboard is only as good as the information it provides insight to!

Sustainable future

AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software. It drives digital transformation for industrial organizations, which manage complex operational processes. Using Performance Intelligence, AVEVA connects information and artificial intelligence with human insight. Thus, it enables faster and more accurate decision-making. Industries thus improve their operational delivery and sustainability. Operational data management is cloud-based. The software covers design, engineering and operations, asset performance, monitoring and control solutions.

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