Looking back 2020

12 January 2021

An eventful year that called on creativity and flexibility, among other things. Qualities that suit us down to the ground, which is not to say that it all came naturally. The developments that affected the whole world also demanded great adaptability from the people themselves. This is something we look back on with full satisfaction when we look at our own team. Together, we were able to do nice and challenging projects, provide new customers with automation solutions and also optimise our internal processes (Simplicate; optimising business processes, setting up Sharepoint using Tredion). We also moved to a new office building in Boxtel.

A year that turned out differently from what we had expected, but one that we can look back on with satisfaction

Looking ahead 2021

  • Specialising in MES
  • New website
  • Start working on some great projects on the roll

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