Proud of neo certifications!

January 4, 2024

Prospact Ben Mick en Sandor pcs neo certificering

Our process translators Ben, Mick and Sandor have achieved their PCS neo certification with flying colours! Their certification is a result of the recent update to PCS neo V4.1. Siemens added the certification exam.

This certification exam is an important step in our mission to take the quality and professionalism of process automation to the next level.


The certification of Ben Rietjens, Mick Lems and Sandor Hoogveld demonstrates their agility with the latest developments in PCS neo. Moreover, it is confirmation of meeting current standards.

High-quality process translators

The certificate is valid for two years. It shows that Ben, Mick and Sandor closely follow and apply the latest developments in PCS neo. This also makes the certificate more than just a paper confirmation of their mastery of the system: they provide concrete proof of their status as high-quality process translators!

We are proud of Ben, Mick and Sandor and look forward to the great achievements together!

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