Process translator and forum expert

September 22, 2022

Sandor Hoogveld

Sandor Hoogveld is a process translator par excellence: besides being a specialist in designing and implementing PCS7 automation projects, he is the only one in the Netherlands to be a PCS7 Expert on the official Siemens Online Support Forum. Of course, we are proud of so much specialist knowledge, as part of our services!

Sandor tells in this blog what exactly his status as forum expert means and what that means for the quality of Prospact's process automation.

Integrated control system

After graduating, I entered the world of Siemens. In that world, I specialized in PCS7: which is the integrated control system for applications in industry. With now thirteen years of experience, I dare say that PCS7 holds few secrets for me anymore.

Solving problems

I follow new developments closely. Then I am also at the forefront of working with these developments and applying them in practice. You can think of software updates, but also new functions in libraries. From that background, I was appointed PCS7 Expert on the Siemens forum in 2016. I am a questioner and if I don't know an answer, I search until I find the answer. As in my job, I keep going until I solve the problem.

Certificate as proof

As a manufacturer, Siemens has set up an official forum for everything in the field of automation. For controlling factories and complete production processes, but also for machine building, for example. In 2009, I took my first steps as a participant on this particular forum. Initially I mainly asked questions, but over time I started to provide answers only.  When an answer is useful, everyone can rate the answer with one to five stars. The more stars, the higher the ranking and this led to me being approached by the moderators of the forum. They were eager to make me an expert, with a certificate as official proof!


For myself, this status has changed little: I regularly check the forum to see if there are any new questions I can answer. And I follow updates on the Siemens website. In Europe, PCS7 is widely deployed. As a consultant, I am called on my expertise both internally and externally with questions about the system. As a result, I am involved from beginning to end in the various projects we as Prospact carry out. I provide guidance, advice and manage our own team. In that role, too, I am the go-to person for questions!

Beautiful challenge

In this respect, our work for the LF plant in Veghel is the most beautiful challenge. There is everything in there in terms of factory automation! My position as an expert on the Siemens forum also affects my work at Prospact. We do get approached when one of our 'own' suppliers is unable to answer. My 'name recognition' on the forum is then influential.

Are you using PCS7 or is your organization planning to adopt PCS7 and do you have pressing questions? If so, feel free to contact me!

Would you like to visit the Siemens forum? Then click here! Sandor can be found on the forum under the name: Oreca. Below you can see his forum details.

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