PCS neo V4.0 certification

July 18, 2023


Our process translators Sandor, Ben and Teun have been busy the past few months obtaining the SIMATIC PCS neo certification. With their PCS neo V4.0 certification they show that they have the knowledge to set up, operate and maintain a PCS neo system. Later this year, a fourth colleague will also start this course.

In addition, Sandor also followed a sales training course. This enables him to provide you with advice in addition to his technical role. From now on, you can come to us if you have a PCS7 system and want to know whether that system is ready for the step to PCS neo. We will make an inventory of the hardware and software free of charge, with the accompanying advice.


SIMATIC PCS neo is the new, completely webbased process control system from Siemens, in other words the NEXT generation in DCS systems. PCS neo is characterized by the following aspects:

  • HTML5 webbased, built-in security in accordance with IEC62443;
  • No installation required for PCS7 clients;
  • Licenses are managed centrally;
  • Same hardware portfolio as PCS7 V9;
  • Integration of APL as with PCS7 (proven concept);
  • Scalable up to 64.000 PO;
  • Support for the new controller: CPU4100;
  • Global multi-user web engineering.

If you would like more about PCS neo, or are facing the choice PCS7 or PCS neo, please contact Sandor.

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