'It's a hundred percent match!

January 5, 2022

Where an unexpected push in the right direction can lead! A common client pointed CMS and us to our complementary services: together we take care of most of the interpretation of the ISA model. In this blog, Toine Cuyten and Laurens van Kuijk of CMS talk about the strength of our collaboration.

CMS stands for Cuyten Maintenance Services. The company was founded in 1997 by ToineCuyten. Over the years, CMS has grown into a specialized company with approximately 25 technically skilled employees. CMS is located in Maarheeze, Brabant. Toine "We are specialists in machine maintenance and customer-specific machine construction, focusing mainly on the food industry. Our engineers offer technical support and master all the necessary knowledge and techniques. In this way we keep machines running better and production is never unnecessarily at a standstill."


Laurens van Kuijk is Project Team Lead at CMS: "Our cooperation with Prospact originated from the request of a common customer. This client was very satisfied with how we independently provided our services and made the link. Meanwhile, we are several months further: by working together with Prospact we are able to offer a total picture!"

Toine: "Prospact's services are focused on automation. We are only partly involved in that: we mainly take care of the hardware. We have all the knowledge and experience for that in-house. By combining our services, we complement each other perfectly."

Thinking bigger

Laurens: "We now know that we can take on certain projects. Through the combination with Prospact, we are thinking of larger mechanical engineering assignments, for filling machines, packaging, handling and transport systems, for example. Together we are capable of the complete design and operation of a factory. Where in the past our orders were fragmented, we can now think as large-scale as possible as a result of our cooperation." Toine adds: "And that is very positive for our customers!"


Toine continues: "It is a one hundred percent match: the longer we work together, the better we get to know each other. The chemistry between us is the basis for our cooperation. The secret? That is transparency and open communication to each other and with our customers! In my opinion, our chemistry can only improve. We are now working together on several projects." Laurens: "We are trying to orient ourselves even more broadly, based on the experience we are gaining now. We expect more requests for a total package, because our networks connect."

Toine, in conclusion, "We speak the same language, we share our views on transparent business. Our message is that we are out of the starting blocks!"


What project can we pick up for you?

Together with CMS, we are capable of the complete design and operation of a factory.